Tanamoda Blog: Comfortable seamless underwear for women

Comfortable seamless underwear for women

Comfortable seamless underwear for women

Comfortable seamless underwear for women: Gone are the days when women had to wear tight corsets. The bra was a big step forward, but we know that wearing it is often not that comfortable.

If you still think it's a pleasure to take off your bra when you get home, something's wrong. Maybe it's time to rethink whether you need to spend all day wearing something uncomfortable. Some women have already done away with the bra, but most like the result that the piece offers, or need to support their breasts to feel secure.

The good news is that you no longer need to be divided between love and hate for the bra, comfortable lingerie is already a reality. In today's post, we're going to talk about the numerous benefits of seamless panties and bras. Shall we check?

Traditional Antique Bra X Comfortable Seamless Bra

We know that seams, the same way as tight elastics, appear under clothing and hurt the skin. Also, when you take off your regular bra, your skin becomes red and sensitive. Even the fabric influences the comfort of the underwear, because if it is rough and without ventilation, your skin will feel the negative effects, such as moisture and itching. Some padded bras completely prevent the skin from sweating, contributing to bacteria, fungi, odor and allergies. We can't forget about the metal hoops, one of the biggest villains of comfort, it goes without saying how uncomfortable they are.

To solve all these problems, the most comfortable wireless bra of current was created, the AirWer. It is a bra that replaces sewing with a 3d printing technology, which does not hurt or mark under clothing.

The fabric is made with polyamide yarn, rich in collagen, antioxidant and amino acids. This composition contributes to the improvement of skin health and elasticity. In addition to maintaining freshness and hydration, it is extremely elastic and has a soft touch like butter.

In place of the rim, a Japanese glue system is used, which provides comfortable and efficient support to the breast. The cups are also super comfortable, designed to allow the skin to breathe. All this combined with resistance and durability, so that your lingerie can be washed daily without problems.

Traditional Antique Panty X Comfortable Seamless Panty

Last but not least are panties, which can also be very uncomfortable. The problems with seams, elastics and fabric are almost the same as the bra, but the body part requires special care.

It's not just a matter of bothering, the care with the fabric of this intimate piece must be redoubled, since it is a region that needs to remain ventilated in order to avoid diseases. An without the proper finish underwear can also damage the groin area that becomes sensitive after depilation, causing ingrown hairs and darkening of the skin. That's why it's important to choose panties with breathable fabric and a seamless finish.

With these aspects in mind, the AirWer panties and the entire line of comfortable underwear for women were created. Just like the bra, the piece also has 3D technology as a replacement for sewing and polyamide fabric rich in collagen, antioxidants and amino acids. In addition to being better for a woman's health and comfort, lingerie has a beautiful and pleasant minimalist aesthetic. Another advantage is that seamless panties do not leave marks under clothing.

We hope you enjoyed today's tips. All products shown were selected from the Cosmolle online store and you can find them on the website by clicking on the images in the post.