Tanamoda Blog: About the Author, The Blog and the Owl.

About the Author, The Blog and the Owl.

About the Blogger

Hi! My name is Camilla Kleemann, I am the creator, designer and writer of the Tanamoda blog. I live in Brazil, I'm a blogger and writer by passion and profession, and a web designer in my spare time (or the other way around).

I created the Tanamoda blog because I am passionate about cute and stylish clothes, as well as love to write. I love fashion, beauty, design, decoration and everything that makes the world more beautiful and happy. I can't try all the infinite styles that exist and admire, so I use the blog to share ideas and talk about the beauty of each design.

About the Tanamoda Blog

The blog was born in October 2012 with the aim of helping you find everything you need to express yourself through fashion. We recommend selected products from Brazilian and global online stores, so you can create your style and buy what you want, all from the comfort of your home.

World vision

Tanamoda believes that fashion should be used as an instrument of individual expression and not as a clothing rule. For us, fashion without freedom is not fun, and even the style should not be unique or fixed. We stand for the idea of wearing what makes us happy. We are human and every day we can have different tastes, because it is allowed to change, experiment and evolve.

Meaning of Tanamoda

Although many people think that fashion limits what can and cannot be worn, the variation in clothes appeared to make the difference between what was previously the same. That is, in the old days we wore the same type of clothing from childhood until we died, and today we have fashion to suggest new possibilities. The name Tanamoda represents our love for all these infinite possibilities of expression, united with the name of our mascot.

Our Mascot

The mascot of the Tanamoda blog is a little owl called Taná. We chose the owl as a mascot, as it has the ability to observe things from different angles, and can see clearly, even in the dark. For us, this represents the power to make choices different from those presented to us. In life this skill means wisdom, and in fashion it can be defined as authenticity.

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