Tanamoda Blog: Top 6 Different and Unusual Wedding Dresses

Top 6 Different and Unusual Wedding Dresses

Top 6 Vestidos de Noiva Diferentes e Inusitados

Top 6 Different and Unusual Wedding Dresses: Some women love to get married in unusual dresses, which certainly causes an extra highlight for the bride. Some like to show off something they love, others want to be true princesses and queens, and there are those who love striking fashion.

Well, regardless of what kind of bride you are, it's super worth checking out some different dresses. You may be surprised, and end up adhering to the idea of avoiding the obvious in your ceremony.

In addition, there are discreet models that have just a touch more creativity. However, if you like to dare, this post will also surprise you with really cool ideas.

Check out some new in wedding dresses below!

Wedding Dresses with Big Bows

Brides in love with bows don't worry about saving fabric. They dare in the size of the bows of their wedding dresses. We think the result looks really cute and sweet, but it looks even better on plain dresses. And you, would you wear a really big bow like this?

Vestidos de Noiva com Laços GrandesVestidos de Noiva com Laços Grandes

Wedding Dresses with Super Long Sleeves

Some brides are delighted with puff sleeves, others with bell sleeves, but there are also those who like giant sleeves. It's not a bad idea at all, as the effect was surprising and luxurious. The long fabric blends into the skirt of the dress, and ends up being just as pretty as a long veil or train.

Vestidos de Noiva com Mangas Super LongasVestidos de Noiva com Mangas Super Longas

Bold and Modern Wedding Dresses

Now it's for the daring brides. While some like super voluminous skirts, others already prefer to put their legs to play. Here everyone can find a beautiful wedding dress in their favorite style, whatever it is!

Vestidos de Noiva Ousados e ModernosVestidos de Noiva Ousados e Modernos

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