Tanamoda Blog: Pantone Colors for 2023 - Magentaverse Inspired Dresses

Pantone Colors for 2023 - Magentaverse Inspired Dresses

Cores Pantone para 2023 - Vestidos Inspirados no Magentaverse!

Pantone Colors for 2023 - Magentaverse Inspired Dresses: The season that all of us fashionistas love has arrived, the moment when Pantone elects the inspiration color for the coming year.

The color chosen by the brand to color the year 2023 was Viva Magenta!

The difference is that this year Pantone used its own parallel universe as inspiration, a digital world called Magentaverse.

Of course, we weren't going to be left out of this magical trend. We've already prepared a beautiful selection of long party dresses inspired by the Viva Magenta color and shade variations found in the Magentaverse!

Party Dresses in Vivid Magenta by Pantone

We'll start with the vibrant color Viva Magenta. A hue that manages to unite warm and cold, with a welcoming and at the same time cheerful effect. Everything we need to redo post pandemic energies.

We chose long and shimmering party dresses to enhance the beauty of magenta pink even more. They are perfect models to use in graduations, debutante balls and even weddings. This is also a great look idea for New Year's 2023. Start the year off on the right foot by attracting energies of love, passion and joy.

Vestido Cor Viva Magenta Pantone 2023Vestido Cor Viva Magenta Pantone 2023

Viva Magenta Cor do Ano 2023 Pantone

Party Dresses in the Tones of the Magentaverse

We don't need to limit ourselves to a single hue. The Magentaverse includes all the shadow and light nuances that derive from the sparkle of Viva Magenta. These holographic reflections are present in the beetles that inhabit the universe, magical creatures responsible for producing color pigments.

Vestido de Festa Magentaverse PantoneVestido de Festa Magentaverse Pantone

We selected dresses with ruffles and flowing skirts, to match the magic of the Pantone Universe. The smooth and delicate models are ideal for balancing the colorful look, avoiding an overdose of information. These color variations, ranging from magenta to grape hues, are beautiful for Modest Bridesmaid Dresses. Great idea for a wedding decoration with the look of 2023.

Vestido de Madrinha Magentaverse PantoneVestido de Festa Magentaverse Pantone

If you are enchanted by any of these magical dresses, just click on the images in the post to check out the products in the global online store BabyOnlineDress.