Tanamoda Blog: Where will you buy the makeup items for your wedding party?

Where will you buy the makeup items for your wedding party?

Where will you buy the makeup items for your wedding party?

Where will you buy the makeup items for your wedding party? There are so many preparations that a bride needs to worry about, that she often ends up forgetting to check if she has all the makeup items needed for her wedding day. In addition, the color of lipstick and eye shadows used, need to be tested and chosen in advance, to avoid delays and inconvenience.

Where and what items to buy for a wedding makeup?

Every woman has her basic makeup items, but a bride needs special items, as it is a unique occasion. Some products less used in everyday life are able to provide a professional and charming result to production. These are the items we will help you choose from.

Best of all, they are products that you can buy online. Thus, you save your time to take care of other wedding preparations. Today's selection was made at a cheap makeup brands store called WordMakeup.

Items for a Perfect Look

Do you already know the colors you will use in your ceremony makeup? We recommend an Anastasia eyeshadow palette with elegant and sophisticated colors. This palette has textures with and without shine, combined with soft and versatile tones. They are perfect shades for party moments, and a variety that will allow you to test different combinations.

A perfect eyeshadow palette is useless without a good set of brushes! These beautiful mermaid brush kit will help you when applying products such as eyeshadows, contours and blushes.
Maquiagem para casamento Paleta de Sombras AnastasiaMaquiagem para Casamento Pincéis de Sereia

Enhancing the Beauty of the Face

For a professional makeup, a good contour and some strategic lighting points are essential. On this special day, there's no need to skimp on glamour. To have an incredible effect on your photos, use highlighter and contour without fear.

There's nothing better than palettes with many shade options, so it's impossible to go wrong when choosing your purchase. We recommend another Anastasia palette, this time with amazing highlighters. For contouring, this Nyx kit is the most complete and versatile you will find.
Maquiagem para Casamento Iluminadores AnastasiaMaquiagem para Casamento Contorno Nyx

Makeup Highlight

Choose a few lipstick options in colorful and also more neutral tones, so you can test and decide calmly. An interesting idea is to match the color of the lipstick with the bouquet or accessories, and thus add prominence to the white dress.

We suggest Mac lipsticks with a matte texture, for their beauty and longer duration. There are many color options to choose from. Surely one of them is perfect for you!

Speaking of highlights, you can't miss that charming eyeliner. Remember to buy a good eyeliner to last all night. We suggest a Mac branded dual-tip pen as well. It's easier to use if you need to touch up, and it has two size options.

Maquiagem para Casamento Batons MacMaquiagem para Casamento Caneta Delineadora Mac

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