Tanamoda Blog: 10 Different and Beautiful Flat Sandals

10 Different and Beautiful Flat Sandals

10 Different and Beautiful Flat Sandals

10 Different and Beautiful Flat Sandals: Flat sandals are the most comfortable and versatile women's shoes of the summer. However, sometimes they can be too basic and end up leaving our look dull.

To help you solve this problem, we have created a selection of different and beautiful flats sandals that we found on the internet.

Flat Sandal With Ring

A differentiated sandal model has attracted the attention of fashonistas. It is a flat sandal, which is attached to the finger by a ring-shaped detail.

This ring can be an appliqué on a strip of sandal, or simply a very large piece attached to the part that is between the toes.

The result is both strange and beautiful. Would you use?

Flat Sandal With Glow

Perhaps you prefer the traditional flat sandals shapes. An idea to escape the ordinary, is to opt for models with a touch of shine.

The shine can appear in the form of rhinestones, stones, metallic colors, sequins and even glitter. Impossible not draw attention with a sandal like that.

Transparent Flat Sandal

The minimalist sandals are super hot, and you can join this trend by investing in a transparent flat sandal.

To balance minimalism, opt for models with the printed bottom. It can be a slipper with animal print, or maybe a very colorful tie-dye.

Flat Sandal With Tie

No minimalism here! The proposal is to decorate your sandal with giant and beautiful ties. Slipper-shaped models are much more sophisticated with a very large bow on top.

You can dare with a neon color, or balance the visual hover by investing in a more discreet tone.

Jeans Flat Sandal

Our beloved old jeans always look beautiful in our clothes. So, why not bring it to the shoes too?

Choose creative models, such as knot-shaped jeans bands, or even a cut All Star style slipper. The result is incredible!

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*If you were interested in any sandals, just click on the images in this post and check the product in the store.