Tanamoda Blog: Looks with Women's Blazer - Inspirations and Tips

Looks with Women's Blazer - Inspirations and Tips

Looks with Women's Blazer - Inspirations and Tips

Looks with Women's Blazer - Inspirations and Tips: Much more than just a sweater, the blazer has everything to be the most fashionable accessory for women's outerwear in 2021.

If when you leave the house, you look in the mirror and find your look very common, just throw a nice blazer on top and you will see a new woman.

Simply put, women's blazers / suits are the most transformative and versatile key piece you can have in your closet. From jeans to tailoring, they look great with just about anything, regardless of the season!

With today's inspirations, you will never again leave your blazer reserved just for social looks.

Oversized Blazer or Maxi Blazer

Blazer model preferred by "Fashionistas", Maxi Blazers are perfect to compose Hi-Lo looks. To break the stripped style and the Boyfriend effect, invest in pieces with colors or feminine prints.

It is worth making a mix with tighter pieces, or combining it with other maxi pieces, as long as everything has a purpose in the composition.

Suggestion: Pink tailoring blazer for women or Max print blazer for women

Short Blazer or Little Suit

If you prefer something more feminine and delicate, the best choice is a tighter and shorter blazer, little suit style.

To innovate with this more classic piece, use your little suit in a look with t-shirt and jeans. If you are going to combine with tailoring, how about getting out of the obvious wearing an animal print blazer model? See how beautiful it looks!

Suggestion: Slim black female blazer or leopard female suit

Long Waisted Blazers

The waisted blazers are perfect for those who prefer the more elongated models, but do not give up valuing the feminine curves. Combine with tighter clothes and look beautiful!

This type of blazer looks as beautiful on the body as a dress. To highlight this effect, you can use it with your favorite shorts.

Suggestion: Pink waisted women's blazer or Black waisted women's blazer

Light Fabric Blazer

It's hot? Don't worry, we have the perfect blazer model for hot days! In these days, just choose a piece made with light and fresh fabric. The transparent blazers, besides being beautiful, are great to wear during the summer.

Suggestion: Black transparent elongated blazer or oversized women's white blazer

We hope you enjoyed today's tips! All of these wonderful suits were selected in the Prestarrs online store.

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