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Air Track - From Leisure to Sport

Air Track - From Leisure to Sport

Air Track - From Leisure to Sport: Have you ever thought about taking fun and physical activities to another level? It is possible to have fun safely while exercising the body. The best way to do this is with the use of sport equipment called an Air Track.

Air Track Mat is nothing more than an inflatable track that is capable of absorbing large impacts, such as jumps and acrobatics. They are basically made with a few layers of PVC and have space to be filled with air.

There are tracks of different lengths so that they can meet the specific use needs of each desired practice or activity. They can be the size of a small Yoga mat, or huge like a dance floor.

Inflatable tracks were not just made for professional athletes, they can be used in many ways, even for leisure. In today's post, we're going to talk about all these usages, benefits, and how to choose a safe, durable and efficient track.

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Benefits and Objectives of Air Track

Air Track is certainly a great ally of our health, since the main purpose of the product is to help activities that involve body movement and fun. Thus, we can say that it contributes to both physical health and emotional well-being.

Ways to use your Air Track


The inflatable tracks are perfect for yoga and stretching. In addition to comfort, due to the elasticity of the material, they ensure safety in case of imbalance during the riskiest movements.


To meditate in the lotus position, you need a flat surface that allows the spine to be aligned. The tracks are better than mats, as they are straight and at the same time compensate for the body weight, reducing any type of discomfort.


Whether for ballet, aerobics, or just a casual dance, the inflatable rinks make everything safer and more professional.

Child's play:

Have you ever wondered how children can have fun with a track like this? We know that little ones love to jump, but it is never very safe to jump on a mattress or trampoline. Inflatable slopes are the solution for worried moms! In addition to being large, they are not tall, do not have dangerous corners and are not at risk of breaking.


Yes, inflatable tracks can replace pool buoys! Better than that, it's even possible to tan on them or take a nap, as they're big and much more stable on water.


The slopes are not just for aerial gymnastics, they are also perfect for exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and many others.

Martial Arts:

Falling to the ground is no longer a problem when practicing any type of sport wrestling on an inflatable track.

School activities:

The Air Tracks are great allies for teachers during school activities. It is possible to use creativity to create incredible scavenger hunts. With a little soap and water, for example, you can make everything more fun and slippery. The track can also become a stage for artistic performances, as well as other endless possibilities.

Ways to use your Air Track

How to choose the ideal Air Track?


The quality of the track is the main item when choosing, prefer tracks with reinforced PVC layers that have quality assurance.


As previously mentioned, the size of your AirTrack must be chosen according to the desired activity. To define this size, it is also necessary to take into account how many people will practice the activities at the same time.


After defining the size, it is important to pay attention to practicality. The ideal is to opt for tracks that have handles for easy transport, as well as electric air pumps so that they can be filled quickly. Velcro can be a useful item if you want to use more than one track, so you can unite them, preventing them from moving out of place during use.

Where can I buy my Air Track safely?

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