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Belts with filling - Increase your butt and hips

Belts with filling - Increase your butt and hips: Have you ever thought how practical it would be to increase your butt and hips to keep your body more defined under your clothes? With the belts with filling this is already possible!

In addition to defining the shape of the body and highlighting its curves, with shapewear, it is also possible to have a straight abdomen.

Come with us to know the best shapewear for tummy and waist with filling!

Belt with pad on the hip:

The advantage of belts with side pad, is that by increasing the hips we cause the impression of a thinner waist. With the compression of the abdomen, the guitar effect is even more accentuated.

Removable pads allow you to use the magnification option only when you want. You may also want to increase your butt, but keep your hips natural, or the other way around.

Belt with pad on the butt

Butt is never too much. With a belt with pad on the glutes, it is possible to make them even more upright and bulky.

The short brace with padding on the butt, also performs compression on the thighs and abdomen. After all, even if you use a best plus size shapewear, you may want to reduce measurements and increase your butt.

Liked? The benefits of wearing shapewear every day are endless!

All body shapers from today's post were selected in the online store Lover Beauty.