Blog Feminino de Moda e Beleza Tanamoda: Warm Clothes in Autumn of Lolita

Warm Clothes in Autumn of Lolita

Warm clothes in autumn of Lolita

Warm Clothes in Autumn of Lolita: The chilly season is here once again. Dressing warm is the choice that you only have to shield yourself from the bitter cold. You try to look into your cabinet but you find nothing that can shield you from the freezing temperatures. Well, are you yearning to feel warm and glamorous? Lolita is on it again trying to see you through the cold season. This article will help you understand more on autumn Lolita. Read on and find out.

Essentials of Lolita

Lolita is a favorite clothing set that offers a full package for Autumn. It has clothing such as yarn support, coat, OP, petticoat, coats, black shoes with a rounded head, etc. Let us have a looks at some of these categories.


- Petticoat

A petticoat is an essential piece of cloth that places a key role during cold weather. Lolita has made advancements which are characterized by the following features whose ultimate goal is to provide warmth.

- Layering

Layers are very essential by insulating the body against the cold. It wicks away moisture thus keeping your body warm during the cold breeze. A base layer is vital for any cloth that comes into direct contact with the body. This layer wicks off moisture which makes the body warm. The insulating layer is the middle layer that is made of a material with insulating properties. Such a layer should be able to hold the heat within the body so that you can stay warm during the chilly weather.

- Materials

Polyester and cotton are popular materials which are used in making Lolita petticoats. These fabric have high insulating properties which are ideal in keeping you warm.

- Knitted Socks

Socks make your feet cozy. Cold feet will make you freeze and you will be uncomfortable. Therefore, knitted socks give complete footwear for every Lolita girl. Some certain colors and patterns match with particular dresses. However, why would you need knitted socks for your Autumn Lolita?

Knitted Socks

- Knitted socks are well insulated

Knitted socks can trap air between the threads. This then acts as an insulator between the body and the outer surface. Warm air is trapped beneath the socks to make you feel warm. Eventually, you will be able to survive in the cold courtesy of Lolita.

- Made from cotton and wool

Cotton and wool are the key materials that are used in knitted socks. Cotton and wool are known for their heat retention. When you wear these socks during the cold season there is a guarantee that you will feel warm.

long knitted

- They are long

Ankle socks won’t serve you better than long knitted socks. Most knitted socks cover a better part of your feet and legs until it meets the dress. This is to prevent any body part from being exposed to the cold.

- Lolita coats outfit

Coats are undeniably one of the best Lolita wear during autumn. It makes you feel complete and glamorous at the same time. Such outfits are what you need during the cold season. I am particularly fond of coats so long as it gives me the best outlook during autumn. Let us have a look at some long Lolita coats that are suitable for Autumn.

Classic Lolita lapel coat

- Classic Lolita lapel coat

This is one of the glamorous coats that is a perfect choice for Autumn. It has a cloak which is additional feature to help you feel warmer. You will find it in black or cray color It is made with thick and heavy wool fabric blend that makes it warm.

It has a vintage chest with black embroidery along the edges of the clock and arms. Its buttons are also elegant which extends slightly below the chest. If you need a long coat that will perfectly cover your body during autumn then you should consider this classic Lolita outfit.

- Checked roll up woolen coat

If you want to look classy this I what you have been looking for. It is more attractive than a classic Lolita lapel coat. Its plaid pattern type matches with eyelet decoration which you feel nice when wearing it. Even though it is not hooded its ruffled collar makes it unique. Besides, it is cotton make and woolen nature will make you feel warmer as you embrace Lolita outfit.

Well, Lolita autumn wear is fashionable and it has different styles that make it unique from other clothing. The essentials of Lolita wear during autumn mainly involves the coats and warm Lolita boots. Throwing a coat over your jumper won’t make you feel warm until you identify what is needed. The choice of material matters. Cotton is dandy and fine for the cold season. If you can get a long Lolita coat which is woolen you will be good to go. The ultimate point is to keep your body warm.

I have a preference for coats, especially what looks more glamorous. Let me share one of my best coats with you so that we can all together appreciate Lolita wear in all measures.

Ruffle V Collar Classic Lolita Army Green Coat

- Ruffle V Collar Classic Lolita Army Green Coat

Classic Lolita Army green coat touches my heart anytime I gaze upon it. The following are reasons why Ruffle V collar classic Lolita Army Green coat is among my top rated choice.

- Length

It has an admirable length which is slightly below the knee.It is suitable for autumn because it keeps you warm. The length allows you to match it with a dress which makes it more stylish.

- Materials

This coat has a blend of wool and polyester fabrics which helps you keep warm. It wicks away moisture and it has high insulation properties.

- Embroidery

It is among some colorful Lolita coats because of its silver-like embroidery on the edge of the arm and neck. If you are a classic Lolita girl then you will have an added advantage to your outfit. Besides, its V-Colar makes it more charming in such a way you can notice how the chest is well decorated with the embroidery.

If you are a Lolita girl don’t worry about autumn. You need not to bloat yourself with a lot of clothing to be well dressed for the season. All you need to do is to make a perfect selection of your outfit for you to remain glamorous and feel warm.